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Who Wants To Earn Some Free WSOP Tickets - Compliments Of Bodog?

Jun. 19, 2015

Who is up for a shot at earning tickets for the WSOP Qualifiers? Does that sound like real fun? Can one imagine the buzz and excitement of actually participating in this tournament that's seen by Poker players all over the States?

Well guess what? Bodog have got this incredible new promotion for this year's 2015 World Series of Poker Event. It's already getting closer and closer and they're giving everyone another opportunity to grab seats at the tables and come and join in the action.

As from April 6, all one has to do is play Poker, and incredibly they will earn points to turn into tickets for the WSOP Qualifiers. Here the player will have the opportunity to play for one of the 46 Vegas Prize Packages that all carry a value of $3000, no it's not a typo, $3000!

These $3000 Vegas Prize Packages will include $1500 cash in the hand for all expenses and airfares. As well as that, there'll be an additional $1500 set aside which will be the winning players buy in, in to a real live World Series of Poker Event. All players who want to enter this incredible Bodog promotion need to spring into action at the double; this is the way it works.

Number one, all players need to opt-in to this promo so as to be eligible in the first instance for tournament tickets. All tickets will be allocated every Monday up until June 8 2015. The players will be allotted their tournament tickets based upon the number of specially appointed Poker Points that have been earned from the games played the previous week, with a maximum amount of 3 tournament tickets allowed in any given week.

That's basically it, and Poker Points can start to be earned from April 6, till May 10, then starting again from May 11, to June 7! As they say, one has to be in it to win it, going to join in? It's time for some Tournament tickets compliments of Bodog, Hope to see everyone there!